Inclusive communities are stronger

KIT strives to help the world see the ability in every child. Our organization helps others meaningfully include kids with disabilities through inclusion training, policy development and sharing our best practices information and research. By creating inclusive environments where no child is excluded, everyone benefits.

Watch our video to see how inclusion makes all children better.

Why Inclusion Video

More Information On Inclusion

With nearly 20 years of training hundreds of organizations on how to include children with disabilities or other complex needs, we have developed an extensive library of best practices information and research. We invite you to utilize our white papers, articles, booklets, reports and how-to videos to learn more about inclusion.

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June 21, 2019 in About KIT, Chief Inclusionista Blog, Experiencing Inclusion

The Power of Focus

Happy Summer Solstice! This week I was reminded over and over again how powerful it is when we focus on inclusion. All of us have attended workplace training, and those…

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June 15, 2019 in About KIT, Celebrating Dads, Chief Inclusionista Blog

Happy Father’s Day!!

We have Father’s Day on the brain here at KIT. We’ve been talking about our fathers, the devoted fathers we are married to who do so much to help us…

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June 14, 2019 in About KIT, Chief Inclusionista Blog, Disability News, Experiencing Inclusion, Unified Theater

Theater and Inclusion – A Natural Combination!

Sometimes my passion seems to coalesce around a common topic. Happily, for me, this time the theme is theater! As many of you probably know already, my entrance to the…

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