“Inclusion is building a community where everyone can learn and grow.”

Heather joins KIT as a Support Center Inclusion Specialist. She has over 15 years of experience working with children and youth, teaching staff, and families in military settings including child development centers, family child care, school-age programs, and youth programs. Heather has served as a teaching staff, coordinator, director, and training and curriculum specialist. She connected with KIT through a military site visit and experienced the first-hand benefits of the technical assistance and coaching. Heather has been training and leading adult learners for over 8 years with emphasis on developmentally appropriate practice, inclusive environments, and effective accommodations. She also shares a passion for training and developing resilience skills among our military youth and the important adults in their lives.

Heather received her Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood and Elementary Education from Central Missouri State University and a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from Bowie State University. She is committed to building a community of support for children and youth of varying interests and abilities.

KIT Inclusionista since 2017

Heather Wojciuch wearing a red, black and cream patterned blouse.