New Course: Why Inclusion Works in an Educational Setting Available Now!

Who Should Attend

K-12 Educators and Administrators who have a desire to learn best practices in creating and supporting inclusive classrooms while building their credentials in the field.

Course Description

This module will cover the foundations of inclusion in an educational setting. It will cover three main topic areas: the fundamental principles of inclusion, inclusive environments in education, and identifying myths surrounding inclusion. Upon conclusion of each topic area, the user will be presented a post-test to evaluate his or her knowledge with the associated topic. In addition, after successful completion of each post-test, the learner will receive 0.2 IACET accredited CEU’s that can be used towards professional development purposes.

Learning Objectives

  • Explain the Fundamental Principles of Inclusion
  • Recognize Inclusive Environments Within the Educational Setting
  • Identify the Misconceptions Surrounding Inclusion through Empirical Research

Course Content and Structure

This is a completely online self-paced course consisting of three separate lessons.

Lesson 1: Fundamental Principles of Inclusion
Lesson 2: Inclusive Environments Within the Educational Setting
Lesson 3: Misconceptions Surrounding Inclusion


Cost is $70/person and you must create a KIT Online Learning Center account.

The Inclusive Class
Inclusive Class

Instructor Bio

Nicole Eredics

Nicole is a parent, special education advocate, and an elementary educator who has spent over 15 years teaching in an inclusive classroom setting. Through her experience, she has solutions and strategies for supporting the inclusion of children with complex needs in the classroom. Look for more resources and information here on her website, Nicole also has a page on Facebook called The Inclusive Class and you can follow her on Twitter @Inclusive_Class

Inclusive Class Instructor


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This is the first course in a planned 5 course Inclusive Class program. Check back for more information.

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