Today Is A Special Day Here at KIT!!

You may not know this, but today, September 14th, is an official KIT holiday.

Today is Sara Couron’s 18th KIT anniversary, which qualifies as a holiday in my book. There is a popular saying in business and organizations that “no one is indispensable,” which may be technically true. However, it is very hard to imagine KIT without Sara.

Sara is KIT employee #2, she followed Mary Shea as the Executive Director, and she has served for 18 of KIT’s 21-year history. Sara also held the position of Operations Director and handled finance, HR, IT, and all grant writing and management for about 13 years before becoming our Chief Programs Officer where she now leads our largest team and biggest scope of work in our important Military Services.

Sara is the glue of KIT. She’s the steady person we all depend on and look to for her sharp analytical skills and her incredible wit. Sara is as passionate about KIT’s mission as anyone you will ever meet. She describes the KIT Inclusionistas as being the “fixers” – that society made mistakes in creating a world that leaves some people out and excluded, and it’s our job to fix it. We would not be able to do it nearly as effectively without Sara’s skill at keeping us all focused, organized, and efficient. She also wears the KIT orange better than any of us. Thank you, Sara!

In other KIT news of the week, Viviana began her tour of Boys & Girls Clubs regional conferences in Orange County, California where she was part of a “best practices carousel” and presented a workshop session.


Alissa spent the week in San Antonio training US Army Public Health Nurses and Army Child and Youth Services Nurses & Coordinators. She is pictured below with honorary Inclusionista, Jackie Nitsche, who has been our US Army point of contact since 2010 and is now transitioning to a different position. She has been such an advocate for inclusion and a good friend to all of us, and we will miss working so closely with her. Of course, she gets a KIT all-access pass and can join us to do anything, anywhere, anytime! Thank you, Jackie!


That’s it for today. Please keep our Carolina Inclusionistas in your thoughts as they endure the effects of Hurricane Florence throughout the weekend.