Tim Harris: Congratulations!

From Albuquerque Journal

Last weekend, my friend had another friend in town visiting from Albuquerque, New Mexico. I’ve never been to New Mexico; I don’t really know much about the state, in fact. I do know, however, about a very special place in Albuquerque– a restaurant called Tim’s Place. Tim’s Place is run by a man named Tim Harris, who has Down Syndrome. At a young age, Tim dreamed of running his own restaurant from early on, and with the help of his family and friends, he pursued that dream and has accomplished much in his career! Tim worked at Red Robin when he was in high school, and he studied food service when he attended college. In 2010, Tim opened his restaurant Tim’s Place! The restaurant is famous for serving “Breakfast, Lunch, and Hugs!” He is truly breaking down barriers for Americans with disabilities, and he has served an incredible role model for inclusion and achieving his goals.

When I met my friend’s friend from Albuquerque, I found the only common ground I could think of (and GREAT common ground at that!). I asked him if he has ever been to Tim’s Place for breakfast, lunch, and/or hugs. He knew what I was talking about immediately and said, “Of course! Everyone in Albuquerque has!” But he had some bittersweet news for me. He told me that Tim’s Place was closing. I was so disappointed to hear that!

However, he then clarified. Tim is moving to Denver, CO to be closer to his girlfriend, Tiffani Johnson. Though it is sad to imagine Tim’s Place closing its doors, I am so thrilled for Tim, and I cannot wait to see what comes next for him! Not only has he broken barriers in terms of business ownership and restaurant management for adults with disabilities, but he has also proven that, just like their typically-developing counterparts, individuals with disabilities can find love, pursue it, and commit to it! Tim, congratulations on your new big move, and all of us at KIT are looking forward to hearing about the wild success that I’m sure we will all see at Tim’s Place in Denver! Thank you for constantly being an inspiration to us all.

— Written by Elise Hopkins, KIT Blog Editor

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