Robots, Horses & Inclusion!

Friday Greetings!

This week I am writing to you from Manchester, New Hampshire, where I have the pleasure of spending two days with the organization called FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology). You guys, they build ROBOTS!! Of course, it’s not just about robotics. They are about mentoring kids in kindergarten through high school to become technology leaders and well-rounded members of society. And, even better than that, they are getting intentional about diversity, equity & inclusion. I’ll try to get some pictures to include next week, and you’ll be hearing more about them as we continue to partner to ensure that kids with disabilities all over the United States can benefit from FIRST’s amazing programs.

While I am here, Kat is down the road (in her home away from home) on Martha’s Vineyard. For the past few years, Kat has been supporting many organizations “on island” in creating more and better inclusion. It’s been a big dream for the resident’s of MV that all services available are inclusive. And every year they get closer to that goal. This year Kat is spending time with the Martha’s Vineyard Community Horse Center. She doesn’t look like she is enjoying it very much, does she? Poor Kat. 😉

Lots more to share next week, so meet you right back here!