Purple Up for Military Kids!

Greetings! As I shared last week, April is also the Month of the Military Child.  This dedicated month is a time to recognize and appreciate military children for their service and sacrifice. Military children live with on-going challenges presented by frequent moves, family separations, and life transitions. They move 6-9 times during their K-12 years. In their own way, military-connected children serve, too.

As a demographic, military-connected children number almost 4 million, 75% of whom are school-age. Almost every school district in America includes military-connected children and youth whose parents serve or served in the Active, Guard, and Reserve components of the Armed Forces. Over 80% of these students attend U.S. public schools while less than 8% attend Department of Defense schools.

Today, April 13th is Purple Up for Military Kids Day. I, myself, am wearing purple pants today in honor of the military-connected children that we support with our work at KIT. I don’t take selfies, so you are just going to have to take my word for it on the pants. 🙂

As you know, at KIT we spend a lot of time and energy helping military child and youth program providers meet the needs of the children in their care. We could not be more honored to do it, and we love nothing more than seeing the impact of our work in the classroom. This week one of our trainers shared this in an internal update and I think it is very fitting for today.

“I am loving this week. It is my 3rd visit at this military base, and they have made so many positive changes that are supporting all their kids. I’ve almost joy cried a few times; seeing children I’ve observed before doing so well, and the mindshifts teachers have had about behavior.”

We are out at a lot of bases this month, and speaking to a lot of providers in our coaching center and through our online courses. Here’s a look at some work Jeremy and Sasha did in the greater Boston area this week, working on a resiliency program with the Army.

It may be too late to work some purple into your outfit today but see if you can do it sometime this month in support of military kids.

See you next Friday!