Supporting Success: The Inclusive Para

A Facilitated On-Demand Professional Development Course with Job-Embedded Activities


A teacher or para helps a group of middle school students around a table. One girl is using a wheelchair.

Provide your paraprofessionals the support they need to ensure successful inclusion of every student!

We know that paraprofessionals are central to the success of educating students with disabilities in inclusive environments, especially those with more significant disabilities. We also know that they require a repertoire of nuanced skills and tools to draw from across the school day to respond to in-the-moment challenges and needs. The dynamic nature of inclusive environments and the individualized needs of students requires highly-trained paraprofessionals, but where can your staff learn these skills and how do you fit that training into an already packed schedule?

That’s where KIT can help! Kids Included Together is the leader in disability inclusion training and support and has decades of experience working to support professionals in inclusive environments.

This year, we’ve created a new course just for you and your paraprofessionals. Supporting Success: The Inclusive Para is a series of ten, 30-minute webinars with companion facilitator guides and job-embedded coaching activities with low-risk feedback that you can use to:

  • plan for academic and social support in inclusive classrooms
  • train your paraprofessionals on appropriate responses to challenging behaviors
  • set yourself up for a smooth and successful school year

Designed by inclusive education expert Dr. Jennifer Sommerness, this course is designed to be available when you need it. It can be used as facilitated training during your staff orientation, during regular professional development meetings, or as a means for job-embedded direction about how to support individual students as needs arise. Instead of bringing in an outside trainer, we’ve created facilitator guides so that you can walk your team through the content at a pace that is right for you with your own students as the subject of discussion so your staff can put their learning immediately into practice.

The Benefits of On-Demand

  • present training all at once or spread it out over a few hours or days
  • provide specific content to specific roles and groups
  • customize the discussion and activities to fit your school, staff, and students

This course is intended for schools and districts to use in addition to the materials and training that is typically offered for orientation and compliance training. The focus of this series is on increasing the specific knowledge and skills needed for providing direct instructional and social support to students with disabilities in inclusive environments.

Content will be available through the KIT Online Learning Center from September 1, 2019 through June 30, 2020.

What are you waiting for? Empower your staff to be their best with Supporting Success: The Inclusive Para!

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A group of middle school students are gathered around a table with a teacher looking at books and reports
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Supporting Success: The Inclusive Para

Staff Training On-Demand Webinar Course Includes:

10 On-Demand Webinars (30 minutes each)

  • What is Inclusive Education?
  • Learning Opportunities Across the Day: Part 1
  • Learning Opportunities Across the Day: Part 2
  • The Friendship Factor: Creating Peer Supports
  • Prompts, Waits, & Fades
  • Natural Cues, Consequences, & Supports
  • Individualized Adaptations
  • Behavior As Communication
  • Agency & Identity
  • Technology Tools for Inclusion

Additional Content Includes:

  • Facilitator Guides for each Webinar (download)
  • Implementation activities for use after Webinar (download)
  • Facilitator training session (live Webinar in early September)
  • Facilitator coaching calls (live monthly Webinars October-June)
  • Pre and Post Assessment for Participants with Learner Summary (online assessment)

Click here for more detailed descriptions and learning objectives for each webinar!

The Details

  • $400 for the first 25 learners; $20 for each additional learner
  • 10% off if purchased* before July 31st (*signed contract with invoice sent in August)
  • Content will be available on demand from September 1, 2019 through June 30, 2020.

Once purchase is confirmed, KIT will provide login credentials for agreed number of facilitators.

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