Training & Support Packages

For large, multi-site organizations looking for more than a one-time training, KIT offers customized Training & Support Packages. Combining more than one KIT service gives your program access to inclusion support how and when it is needed. A KIT Training & Support Package means KIT comes alongside your team to design inclusive practices, teach them to your team, and coach them through implementation. We can help you navigate the stickiest inclusion challenges, teach your staff new skills, and build organizational capacity to become an authentically inclusive program for your community.

Training and Consulting

How We Help:

  • Reduce risk by designing non-discriminatory policies and procedures
  • Build staff confidence and capability through job-embedded coaching
  • Increase program quality
  • Improve parent engagement
  • Reduce use of exclusionary practices


Our team can help you build a custom Training & Support Package from the following services:


KIT Academy

Provide a foundational level of disability inclusion and behavior support training to your entire team through KIT Academy, our online platform. Managers can assign courses to staff, certificates and transcripts are available, and digital badges and other gamification tools make learning fun and easy. Start with an onboarding course to get each new hire ready for inclusion, and then use specific courses for individualized professional development plans.

Inclusion Support Center

Our inclusion specialists are available by phone or video to coach staff on specific challenges. Each call session includes an in-take, a coaching call of up to one hour, and a follow-up report with customized recommendations for accommodations, supports, and additional resources. Utilizing the KIT Inclusion Support Center saves manager’s time dealing with challenging situations and gives your staff a supportive outside coach who can listen, empathize, and offer suggestions.

Onsite Training

A great way to get an entire program community excited about learning is by hosting a KIT group training. A KIT Trainer will visit your program to deliver workshops (16 topics available), observe classrooms, consult on program environments, and meet with organization leaders about inclusive program design.

Policy Design and Development

Using our proprietary Disability Inclusion Index, the KIT team will help you self-assess your organization’s needs and opportunities. KIT’s policy team can review your existing policies and suggest improvements or start from scratch in a collaborative development process.



Every organization is unique and a package can be customized for you based on your needs, size, locations, goals and budget. If your organization is ready to partner with KIT as you set off down the path of inclusion, or if you just want more information, please click here to visit our Contact Us page and submit a request. We’ll be in touch with you shortly to discuss options. We’d love to talk with you!