Training & Support Packages

“There needs to be a lot more emphasis on what a child can do instead of what they cannot do.”

– Temple Grandin

Training and Support imageNo child should ever feel excluded. As the leaders in inclusion training, Kids Included Together teaches you and your organization how to see the ability in every child. Nothing is more rewarding than seeing a child having fun and making friends. Let us help you.

The largest barrier to including children with disabilities or complex needs is a lack of confidence in serving them. Research shows that disability inclusion training is the number one indicator of a teacher or program’s willingness to serve children with additional needs. KIT seeks to build the knowledge and confidence that you or your team needs to achieve a “want to, can do, will do” attitude towards inclusive practices.

In support of our goal, Kids Included Together offers a unique blended approach to inclusion training and professional development, combining engaging onsite training with on-demand online learning and highly trained inclusion coaches. KIT is “onsite, online, and on-going” with your inclusion training and support.

Although all of our services are offered individually, organizations find them most beneficial when combined. This allows the onsite training to be supported by on-going eLearning and coaching for specific challenges.

Onsite Training:

We offer 16 onsite training workshops, and can also build time into an onsite training to include role playing, informal question and answer sessions, meetings with leadership staff, and program observations with feedback sessions.

Online Training:

The goal of the KIT Online Learning Center is to offer annual subscriptions for you and your staff to access all of our best-in-class, engaging content on inclusion best practices. This access is called a KIT Pass. It includes monthly live webinars, hundreds of archived webinars, eLearning modules, and downloadable resources such as tip sheets, tools, job aids, checklists, and videos.

By purchasing a KIT Pass, you and your staff can progress in your inclusion training and earn International Association of Continuing Education and Training accredited CEUs. By completing qualified training courses or webinars, you can automatically be awarded CEUs which are included on your online transcript. Leadership can also track staff professional development or progress on the inclusion training path.

Coaching & Consultation:

Another unique service provided by KIT is the Inclusion Support Center, staffed with highly experienced inclusion and behavior coaches who can provide child-specific phone consultations to anyone facing challenges. These phone consultations are followed up with a written recommendation and follow-up report.

Partner with Kids Included Together to become a KIT Affiliate:

By purchasing a KIT training package valued at $5,000 or greater, your organization can become a KIT Affiliate entitling you to additional benefits such as:

  • Complimentary coaching and support from an Affiliate Coordinator to maximize your KIT services
  • Monthly KIT Connection newsletter featuring upcoming live webinars, relevant archived content within the KIT Online Learning Center and innovative community resources.
  • Quarterly KIT Care packages including items such as books, sensory supports, and finger fidgets.

Every organization is unique, so we do not have standardized package prices. We work with every organization to develop a package of services that will be most effective in meeting your unique needs within your budget. Your organization may need more onsite training, less online training, or all online and coaching. Whatever the combination, we can design a package that’s right for you.

If your organization is ready to partner with KIT as you set off down the path of inclusion, or if you just want more information, please click here to visit our Contact Us page and submit a request. We’ll be in touch with you shortly to discuss options. We’d love to talk with you!