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KIT Academy is an online learning platform full of eModules, how-to videos, hundreds of virtual learning webinars and printable resources. A KIT Academy Subscription provides learners full access to all of our online disability inclusion training and behavior support resources for only $99 a year. You can also purchase courses or other content individually through our KIT Academy Store by adding to your cart and creating an account.

Back to After School Series

Program staff know that the transition from traditional summer programs into anA group of school-age children sitting in a circle inside a school library in an after school program setting. after school structure is a challenge for both the kids and staff.

Summer camp programs are a time for fun and freedom, giving children more choices in their day compared to the more rigid structure of school programs. The pressure of academics and sitting and paying close attention all day can lead children astray. Children have to hold it all together during the school day and then end up struggling in their after school time, once their threshold has been reached. This often leads to behavior challenges and a lack of positive engagements between peers, as they struggle to manage their emotions during an overwhelming transitional period.

It's time to make a plan. Our Back to After School series will help you prepare and provide you the right tools and guidance to make the transition as seamless as possible for everyone. When you know what to expect, you'll be more confident and can effectively manage conflicts and challenges that arise with the children in your care. This series is designed to be available on-demand, and available to you at your own convenience!

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At KIT, we understand that including children with disabilities, complex needs and behavior challenges can get stressful. A lack of training and proper support in your program may lead to burnout, high turnover and apprehension in serving children of all abilities.

If you're a child and youth professional, working with children who have disabilities requires up-to-date and comprehensive training to learn how to accommodate varying needs.

That's where KIT Academy comes in. KIT Academy offers evidence-based training designed by and for child and youth professionals. Using real world scenarios and engaging interactivities, courses in KIT Academy will help reduce stress in your staff by giving them the skills and confidence they need to facilitate welcoming, meaningful and inclusive environments to support children of all abilities.

Topics include inclusion basics, understanding the laws supporting disability inclusion, autism, ADHD, challenging or unsafe behaviors, communicating with families and much more.

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“You guys are fantastic!  Your webinars and training sessions are so informative, and really give our teachers the confidence they need to provide dance to anybody that wants to move!”
-Molly Puryear (Malashock Dance)
“Loved the webinar!  It was great to hear the excitement in Phillip’s voice when we were talking about the items and activities.  I signed up for the webinar and invited six teachers to join me.  They thoroughly enjoyed it.  Thanks for recognizing that teachers need inexpensive ways to make everyday items work for children.  Great ideas!  Thanks again and keep these helpful webinars coming.”
-Gloria Kivipelto (Navy Child & Youth Programs)
A teacher working on sign language with a student.