Inclusion Resources

Inclusion Resources: puzzle imageAs a leader in the field of disability inclusion training, KIT has developed a library of best-in-class inclusion resources to help you ensure all children are included, regardless of ability.  Some of our most popular are here, but you can find many more in the resources section of our KIT Academy.  Some of our resources are also translated to Spanish.


Inclusion Checklist

Case-by-Case Checklist


Behavior as Communication

Burnout Series: 5 Phases of Burnout

Burnout Series: Avoiding Burnout

Case-by-Case Checklist How-To

Connect & Redirect Play-by-Play

Contributing Factors Assessment How-To

Connversations with Families Video

Defining Expectations: Teaching Children What is Expected of Them

How To Build Resilience Skills in Children and Youth

How to Communicate Effectively with Parents

How to Implement Visual Supports for Activity Areas

How to Use Pictures to Enhance Activities

Individual Sensory Activities

Infant Sensory Activities

Masks: Engaging with Infants

Multi-Sensory Stories

Perspective on Disability - Cara Liebowitz

Scripted Stories

Self-Care Before, During, and After Work

Sensory Support - How to Accommodation Children Who are Over or Under-Sensitive

Social Support - How to Facilitate Positive Interactions

Supporting Positive Communication

Supporting Virtual Learning for Students with IEPs

Teaching Signs

The "Secret Sauce" of Post-Quarantine Re-Entry

Transition Songs

Using Relaxation Techniques

Using Your Voice

Breathing Techniques


Tip Sheets

5 Questions to Ask Families

Apoyando el Desarrollo Emocional Nino Pequenos

Attention Getters

Building Strong Teams

Calming Tools

Caught Being Great

Celebrating Diversity with Teens

Communicating Your Commitment to Inclusion

Consejos Para Programas Inclusivos

Contributing Factors Assessment

Conversations with Families

Creando un Plan de Comportmiento Sencillo

Creating a Simple Behavior Plan

Cultivar Conocimiento Respetuoso En Relacion con Las Discapacidades

Cultivate Respectful Disability Awareness

Disability Accommodations

Easing Transitions

Effective Calming Spaces

Engaging All Learners

Es esta programa el lugar adecuado para mi hijo

Examples of Possible Accommodations for Children and Youth with Disabilities

Exploring Expectations

Gathering Information from Families

Getting Buy-In from Families

Getting the Most from Your Visual Schedule

How to Have an Inclusive Prom

Implementing Strategies in the Classroom

Inclusive Program Goals

Inclusive Schools Week Activity Guide

Indoor Gross Motor Games

Lista Enumerada de Inclusion para Promgramas

Managing Group Transitions

Mensajes de Programas Inclusivos

Mental Health Basics

Recolectando Informacion para Familias

Reflect, Connect, and Redirect

Reflexion Guiada de Entrenamiento Necesario

Respondiendo a Comportamientos Negativos

Responding to Negative Behaviors

Sample Behavior Plan

Sensory Supports

Setting the Stage for Friendships

Simple Signs

Spaces to Meet Sensory Needs

Speaking with Families about Inclusion

Strength-Based Approach to Needs

Supporting Children & Youth with Developmental Disabilities

Supporting Children Who Are Non-Verbal

Supporting Individuals with Autism Spectrum & Social Communication Disorders

Supporting Toddler Emotional Development

The Five Stages of Naptime Transition

Top Tips for Inclusive Programs

Training Needs Guided Reflection

Transition Activities for Every Age

Understanding the KIT Support Pyramid

Visual Support


They often say, “It takes a village.”  We at KIT know that we can’t advance the inclusion movement all alone.  We do our best to train as many people and organizations as we possibly can.  Fortunately, we have many friends in the inclusion movement who help spread the word.  From parent advocates to bloggers, everyone is passionate about making sure no children are left out.  Every child has the right to be included and feel welcomed.  Visit some of our friends to learn more about inclusion.

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