Could Moondoggie Have Imagined Adaptive Surfing?

Adaptive surfing

Surfer Ismael Guilliout of Norway at the International Adaptive Surfing Championships in La Jolla, CA Sept 24-27th. Photo credit ISA/Lockwood.

It was a beautiful, sunny Friday in San Diego. It was uncomfortably warm in our KIT HQ (we don’t have AC). We heard about the inaugural International Adaptive Surfing Championships taking place just up the road in La Jolla. I grabbed a few game Inclusionistas and we hit the road. And, boy, were we glad we did! We sat on the beach together for several hours as surfer after surfer competed, showing us the beauty, athleticism and incredible spirit of the adaptive surfing community. We were sitting right behind the team from France, and watching them support their teammates was almost as fun as what was happening in the water.

Team France

Team France Photo/Dunlap

The fact that this was the “inaugural” adaptive surfing championships says a lot to me. Adaptive sports are really starting to gain interest and popularity, and I can’t wait to see where the International Surfing Association takes this effort. What a terrific way to showcase ability!

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