KIT On The Road!


I know everyone is probably ready to get off their computer and into the long holiday weekend, so I will keep this short this week.

We’ve got LOTS of trainers on the road this week! You can find a KIT training from Barstow, CA (Melissa) to Vicenza, Italy (Jeremy) and many points in between (Florida, Michigan, Oklahoma and more). Here are a couple of postcards from the week.

Here is the School Age Care staff & administration crew from Fort Buchanan, Puerto Rico where Phillip spent the week. It’s been a minute since they have had a good dose of KIT and Phillip delivers!

This team (Jennifer, Laura, Dawn) delivered the first KIT training in a high school in Minnesota this week, which we consider the “soft opening” of our Inclusive Schools effort! The chicken (Clyde) is just along for the after party.

We are gearing up for an exciting fall season, so stay tuned! More inclusion is on the way as far as the eye can see!

Happy Labor Day!