KIT & BGCA Collaboration

Happy June!

This week’s headline news is that Alissa and Kat spent time with our national partners at the Boys & Girls Clubs of America HQ in Atlanta facilitating a strategy session on social-emotional learning and behavior support. (OK- that is the worst headline ever. I come from a family of journalists, so I have to try again…)

KIT & BGCA Collaborate to Better Support America’s Kids 

A team of leaders from different departments at BGCA came together to participate in the working group. The feedback was that the session was “(truly) engaging and exciting!”

Many people’s impression of workplace training and strategy sessions is that they are dry and mostly passive listening. That’s not how we do it at KIT. We move, we create, and we interact. We know that knowledge is embedded in social relationships and our job is to unlock the knowledge and experience of our participants and point it towards our goal of more and better inclusion for kids.

And this ^ is the feeling we create in our learners and collaborators. When was the last time you saw a person so happy about writing on a post-it pad? Our partners at BGCA are passionate about positive youth development, and we could not be more honored to be their guide to inclusive practices.

Have a wonderful first weekend of June, everyone!