KIT-apalooza 2018!!

I think I speak for every Inclusionista when I say that that KIT-apalooza (a.k.a. KAP) is one of our favorite weeks of every year. It is one of two weeks a year when we all come together to connect, collaborate, and contribute to the future goals and plans of KIT. We spend time with our truly incredible volunteer board of directors, we eat a lot of good food, learn a lot and we laugh a lot too.

This year, during the first week of December, our KAP meeting was spent:

  • – Learning how to craft stories
  • – Improving our presentation skills
  • – Getting caught up on all the new KIT initiatives, and dreaming about a few more
  • – Talking about big visions (can you imagine if KIT was represented in a Marvel movie?)
  • – Reviewing the tiny details that make our teams run like well-oiled machines.
  • – Filling our buckets as much as we can and hoping it will last until we are all together again in July

Here are a few glimpses from the week.


We delivered our internal workshops
in the same manner we deliver our inclusion trainings…




We spent time with colleagues who live across the country.







We had a special visit from our OG Inclusionista, Mary Shea, who never fails to inspire us.










Our very own Greg designed a road warrior workout using new KIT fitness bands (thanks for these and led a demo with Nili.Greg_and_Nili_KITFIT

Now we can KIT-FIT wherever we are in the world!

And we had a fun night at the local bowling alley with some friendly competition.


It takes a lot of planning to pull off a great KIT-a-Palooza. The heavy lifting is done by Sara, Nili, Emily, Xochitl, and Amanda. Our deep gratitude to them for taking such good care of everyone. Many others contribute by presenting sessions and everyone helps make this week a success by sharing their knowledge and experience.

As we say goodbye this year we are sending these two guys off to Japan for a round of training site visits!
Safe and pleasant travels, Greg and Phillip!Greg_and_Phillip_Off_to_Japan

Every time I am with this team I am blown away by their talent, their passion, and their spirit. They walk the talk of inclusion and it is an absolute honor to be a member of this team.  Until July 2019!!