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Summer is coming soon! Are you ready?

Let KIT help you train your staff and ensure your summer camp program is welcoming and inclusive for ALL kids!


On-Demand Webinar Series for you and your staff

Content available April 15 – September 15, 2024

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Summer camp planning has begun! We know you want to create a fun and memorable summer experience for ALL of your campers. But, challenging behavior or lack of confidence in including kids with disabilities can derail even the best of intentions. Or, maybe you are behind on getting your staff trained. That is where KIT can help! Kids Included Together is the leader in disability inclusion training and behavior support and has decades of experience working with youth program providers just like you.

That’s why we created a course just for you and your summer camp staff. Ready, Set, Summer! is a series of 4 webinars and companion guides that you can use to:

  • plan for inclusion
  • train your staff on appropriate responses to challenging behaviors
  • set yourself up for a smooth and successful summer season

This series Includes 4 webinars and companion guides you can use to plan an inclusive summer camp experience and train your staff to support the diverse needs of children and youth. The series is designed to be available when you need it, as both a leadership training and facilitated sessions for your staff. We’ve created facilitator guides so you can walk your team through the content at a pace that works for you!

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The first session, Prepping for Success: Superior Camp Environments, is designed for leadership staff and will prepare you in guiding your team for a smooth and successful summer season. The remaining three sessions can be used during your camp training season to get your staff ready to support inclusion.

This series is designed to be available on-demand whenever you need it and can be used both by your leadership team and as facilitated training during your staff orientation. Instead of bringing in an outside trainer, we’ve created facilitator guides so that you can walk your team through the content at a pace that is right for you.

Ready, Set, Summer! Staff Training On-Demand Webinar Series

Course Includes:

  • One (1) leadership webinar andGroup of children with marshmallow near bonfire during camping in the forest together at night time customizable action plan
    • Prep for Success: Superior Camp Environments
  • Three (3) all-staff webinars with facilitator guides
    • Camp Inclusion 101
    • Teaching Youth to Respect Differences
    • How to Respond to Challenging Behavior

Click here for more detailed descriptions and learning objectives for each webinar!


Benefits of On-Demand

  • present training all at once or spread it out over a few hours or days
  • provide specific content to specific roles and groups
  • customize the discussion and planning to fit your unique program

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get Ready, Set, Summer together!

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