Inclusive Schools Week 2021

Here we are, folks. Finally, we made it to the most wonderful time of the year! Yes, it’s when all the big festive holidays converge on our calendar. But, I’m not talking about those holidays; I mean the annual celebration of Inclusive Schools Week!

Each year, Inclusive Schools Network, a web-based educational resource for families, schools and communities that promotes inclusive educational practices, celebrates Inclusive Schools week during the first week of December. This year, the celebration is NEXT WEEK… Monday, December 6th through December 10th.

In its 20th year, Inclusive Schools Week highlights the progress that the education system has made toward more and better inclusion of students with disabilities and from diverse backgrounds. Inclusive Schools Week is also a time to come together and talk about where we need to keep growing.


This year that conversation is more important than ever. The theme for 2021 is “Rebuilding Our Inclusive Community Together” and encompasses all the ways we need to help students re-enter after the disruption that Covid-19 created in our lives. As we rebuild our learning communities, let’s keep inclusive practices top of mind, as they will help bring us all back to a state of connection.


To help you make it happen, KIT has partnered with the nonprofit Changing Perspectives to create an activity guide for K-12 educators. It’s FREE, and chock-full of ways teachers can encourage an inclusive mindset in their students. Each day of the week has a theme, like friendship, empathy, and celebrating differences. In addition, each themed day includes educator resources, reflection questions, and student activities.

Check it out here and please share it far and wide… on your social networks, at your school district, and with your favorite educator. You can also find other great resources on our website.

Be sure to tell us how you chose to celebrate Inclusive Schools Week! We can’ wait to hear about it.