Inclusion 101

KIT strives to help the world learn to accept differences and see the ability in every child. Our organization helps others meaningfully include kids with disabilities through inclusion training, behavior support practices, coaching and consultation, policy development and sharing our best practices information and research. By creating inclusive environments where no child is excluded, everyone benefits.

What exactly is disability inclusion?

Free Inclusion Resources

As a leader in the field of disability inclusion training, KIT has developed a library of best-in-class inclusion resources to help you ensure all children are included, regardless of ability.  Some of our most popular are here, but you can find many more in the Free Resources section of KIT Academy, our online learning center. Visit KIT Academy to browse our list of all of our courses and register.

Our YouTube channel offers over 100 videos covering many topics related to inclusion and is a great way to get a taste of our online courses and get to know our staff.

KIT provides best-in-class inclusion training on-site and online through KIT Academy.

We offer 90 hours of inclusion training, 13 CEUs, and over 70 downloadable resources.

Others in the inclusion movement

They often say, “It takes a village.”  We at KIT know that we can’t advance the inclusion movement all alone.  We do our best to train as many people and organizations as we possibly can.  Fortunately, we have many friends in the inclusion movement who help spread the word.  From parent advocates to bloggers, everyone is passionate about making sure no children are left out.  Every child has the right to be included and feel welcomed.  Visit some of our friends to learn more about inclusion.

Inclusive Education:

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Catia MalaquiasWorking toward inclusive education in Australia •

Carol QuirkMaryland Coalition for Inclusive Education •

Schoolwide Integrated Framework for Transformation –

Parent Advocacy and Support:

Tim VillegasThink Inclusive •

Lauri Swann Hunt: Ollibean •

Leah KelleyThirty Days of Autism •

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