Helping Uganda Be More Inclusive

Here we go, right into our busiest training month. There will be a lot to share and celebrate in October. Hearing what our trainers and specialists are doing out in the field to create more inclusion always fuels my passion, and I hope it does yours too. This week my passion was fueled by learning more about the need for inclusion in Uganda.

You may remember that over the summer, I shared that I had learned that a school in Uganda was using KIT to deliver professional development to teachers. I was delighted and intrigued! They had tagged me on Instagram, so I reached out to learn more. This week I had a Skype call with Jenni, the young woman running a scholarship program in Gulu, Uganda. She told me that the teachers were asked what they wanted to learn more about, and the top choice was students with disabilities. There are many children in the community who have disabilities, but as is true in many countries, they don’t attend school. The teachers wanted to know how they could teach these children in their classrooms. Yes! We can help. We want to help. Now to figure out how.

Internet is unstable and expensive, making our online training and call-in coaching center unusable. There are a number of barriers to providing inclusion training in the traditional manner for teachers in a developing country. But, I know us, and I know we can figure it out!