Happy Retirement Sara Couron!

Happy Retirement Wishes!

September is a month full of transitions. From vacations to back-to-school, from longer to shorter days, and from iced lattes to the pumpkin spiced ones. This year, September also marks the retirement of our longest-tenured Inclusionista, Sara Couron. As our Chief Program Officer, Sara ensured our work was high-quality, efficient, and effective.

Sara Couron sitting an outdoor table eating food on a sunny day.

Sara’s Career

When Sara started at Kids Included Together (KIT) in September of 2000, she was recruited away from her role as Co-Executive Director of a developmental disability service agency. She was employee #4 at KIT, and she took on operations and grant writing, working over the next 23 years to grow the reach and impact to all 50 states and 15 countries, serving more than 700 programs, and providing training for more than 200,000 child and youth program providers.

Sara’s Strengths

Sara is great at numbers, that is clear. She kept us on track toward all of our measurable goals. But, we appreciate so much more than that about Sara.  We love her for her incredibly dry wit, her fiercely competitive nature, and her insatiably curious mind (just ask her direct reports about the number of hard questions they get asked at every check-in!).

In September, we celebrate Sara’s outstanding service to KIT, and her brilliant career spent working on disability rights. We wish her all the best in her new life adventure!

Watch the video below for a collection of videos from Kids Included Together staff recognizing, thanking and wishing the best to Sara!