Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day always causes me to reflect on the founding of KIT. Started by a mother (Gayle Slate) who was inspired by her own experience parenting a child with a disability in a not-very-welcoming world, who then became a marriage and family therapist so she could help other parents, KIT has always been fueled by passionate and powerful moms. Mary Shea, the first KIT executive director, and our on-going guiding light was motivated by her recognition that there were mothers who could not just write a check and drop their child off at camp as she could. She saw that the world could be different for families who experience disability. Throughout our 20-year history and today, we have had many, many moms on our staff and board who spend time away from their children to make a difference for children all over the world. So, to all the KIT mothers who put their heart and soul into our work, often getting on a plane to make sure that other people’s children are well taken care of half a world away, I say thank you and a very hearty Happy Mother’s Day!

Tons of cool stuff happened this week!

Janet spent the week in Alaska helping Eielson Air Force Base. While she was there, she got to meet one of her online course students in person! This is Training & Curriculum Specialist Ana Davis pictured with Janet.

Jeremy and Alissa had an exciting week, as they had the opportunity to give a briefing at the Pentagon. When you go to the Pentagon, you have to get this picture…

And, finally, we’d like to invite you to join our webinar next week (Wednesday, May 16th at 10 am PST) on Top 5 Trends in Disability Inclusion. Click the image below to register.

Until next week!