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Happy Father’s Day!!

We have Father’s Day on the brain here at KIT. We’ve been talking about our fathers, the devoted fathers we are married to who do so much to help us spread our mission (some of them even volunteer to act in our educational videos!), and the amazing dads on our staff and board. We are thankful for Don Slate, the OG KIT Dad, and all of the many dads who have followed in carrying the torch of inclusion. There is so much need in the world and so many demands on our time and energy, but is there any higher calling than helping children develop to their fullest potential? Thank you, KIT Dads, for choosing to put kids first.

In other news, our team is racing to the finish line of getting programs trained up for the summer camp season. This week the three sleep away camp staff teams from Girl Scouts of Chicago and Northwest Indiana spent time learning how to include all girls.

Have a Happy Father’s Day Weekend, everyone! We’ll meet you back here next Friday for more KIT news!




Torrie Dunlap is CEO and “Chief Inclusionista” at Kids Included Together (KIT). In addition to overseeing the organization, she is a thought-leader who shares her vision for an inclusive world through engaging and inspiring keynote presentations. She encourages advocates, parents, professionals, medical personnel, educators, ambassadors, students and after school program staff to use the tools of creativity and innovation to affect sustainable change in their communities. Click here to watch her TEDx speech “Isn’t It A Pity: The Real Problem With Special Needs.”  If you are interested in having Torrie speak at an upcoming event, please email us at speakers@kit.og and someone will get back with you soon.