Embracing Diversity – Inclusive Classroom Activities for Inclusive Schools Week 2023

With Inclusive Schools Week 2023 approaching, this year’s “Draw Me In!” theme challenges us to paint a picture of disability inclusion. As we approach the festivities from December 4-8, 2023, we note that the week is not merely a celebration, but also a call to action. It’s an opportunity to embed inclusive practices within our classrooms.

Image Source: Inclusive Schools Network

The Heart of Inclusive Classrooms: Activities that Bind Us Together

At the core of inclusive classrooms are activities that transcend the boundaries of abilities, disabilities, backgrounds, and differences. These activities are not just about learning; they are about creating experiences that foster collaboration and nurture empathy. 

As we prepare for Inclusive Schools Week 2023, let’s explore activities that go beyond textbooks, embracing the diverse talents and perspectives of every student to create memorable experiences and friendships.

1. Art Beyond BarriersYoung girl with down syndrome showing her multi colored painted hands.

Unleash the creative spirit within every child. Provide adaptive art supplies, ensuring that every stroke, every color, and every creation is accessible to all. Art activities empower students to express their unique perspectives, breaking down barriers and encouraging creativity.


2. Stories That Bind Us

Stories have the power to connect hearts and minds. Encourage students to share their narratives, emphasizing their abilities and strengths. Through storytelling, students learn to appreciate differences and find common ground. These stories become threads weaving a tapestry of understanding and unity.


3. Music Without Borders

Music transcends language and ability. Create a musical symphony where every instrument and note represents a different student. Collaborative music projects teach harmony, not just in melodies but in teamwork. In the world of music, every student finds their unique rhythm and contributes to a harmonious whole.


Photo of a teacher singing with her preschool children.4. Inclusive Games, Inclusive Hearts

Engage in sports and games adapted for all abilities. Let every child experience the joy of teamwork, understanding that victory lies in participation, not just in winning. Inclusive games teach resilience, cooperation, and the importance of supporting one another, fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie.


children painting landscapes on easels in art class5. Colors of Diversity

Celebrate diversity through a multicultural fair. Let students showcase their cultural heritage, languages, and traditions. The vibrant colors and unique tastes at the fair creates an atmosphere of acceptance and appreciation. Through cultural exchange, students learn that our differences are what make us beautifully unique.

Why These Activities Matter: Beyond the Classroom 

These inclusive classroom activities are not undertaken just to pass the time – they are essential building blocks of character and compassion. Inclusive education is not a checkbox; it’s a mindset. When students engage in these activities, they learn profound life lessons, such as:

Empathy and Understanding

By experiencing the challenges and triumphs of their peers, students develop empathy. They learn to understand the diverse needs and perspectives of others, which in turn nurtures a culture of compassion.

Collaboration and Teamwork

Inclusive activities emphasize cooperation over competition. They’re activities where students learn to collaborate and appreciate the strengths each member brings to the team. This collaborative spirit extends beyond the classroom and prepares them for the demands of the real world.

Confidence and Self-Esteem

In inclusive classrooms, every student’s contribution is valued. As students actively participate in activities, their confidence soars. Recognition and encouragement foster a positive self-image, laying the foundation for future success.

Lifelong Values

Inclusive education instills values such as respect, acceptance, and openness. These values become an integral part of a student’s character.

The Call to Action: Embracing Inclusivity Beyond Inclusive Schools Week

As Inclusive Schools Week 2023 unfolds, let it be more than a week-long event. Let it be the catalyst for a lasting change. Educators, parents, and students: the responsibility to nurture an inclusive society rests upon our shoulders.

Ongoing Education & Inclusion Training

Educators play a pivotal role in shaping inclusive classrooms. Continuous training and awareness programs equip them with the tools to create inclusive learning environments. Professional development that emphasizes inclusive teaching methods ensures that every student receives the support they need to thrive.

Kids Included Together (KIT) teaches you how to create inclusive environments so no child is excluded. With over 25 years of expertise in the field of disability inclusion training and behavior support, KIT has developed best-in-class inclusion services to help you ensure all children are included, regardless of ability. From on-demand online training to coaching and consultation sessions, policy review, and on-site professional development, we are proud to offer resources tailored to your program’s needs.

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Parental Involvement

Parents are vital partners in inclusive education. Inclusive Schools Week is an opportunity for parents to actively engage with their child’s school and to gain a better understanding of the inclusive initiatives in place. A strong parent-school partnership ensures a consistent approach to inclusivity, both at home and in school.

Peer Support

Students are the ambassadors of change. Peer support programs promote understanding and acceptance among students. These initiatives encourage friendship, mentorship, and mutual respect, fostering a culture where differences are celebrated.

Advocacy and Policy

Advocacy at the policy level is crucial for creating inclusive education systems. By advocating for inclusive policies, we can ensure that every educational institution is equipped to provide a supportive environment for every student.

Discover More: The 2023 Inclusive Schools Week Activity Guide

For educators seeking practical guidance and a wealth of inclusive classroom activities, we invite you to explore The 2023 Inclusive Schools Week Activity Guide, a collaborative effort by KIT and Changing Perspectives

This comprehensive guide, centered around five disability inclusive themes, offers learning intentions, educator resources, student activities, and reflection questions for each day of the week.

This activity guide is more than just a resource; it’s a roadmap for fostering a truly inclusive environment where every student is reflected. Access our guide and equip your staff with the tools to champion disability inclusion in your classroom.

Click here to access The 2023 Inclusive Schools Week Activity Guide.

This Inclusive Schools Week 2023, Draw In A Future of Inclusivity with KIT

Inclusive Schools Week has been a beacon of progress since its inception in 2001. 

This year’s “Draw Me In!” theme captures the essence of what inclusion stands for; inviting everyone to participate, contribute, and flourish together.

Join us in celebrating Inclusive Schools Week, where every stroke, every story, every note, and every child contributes to a masterpiece of inclusion. Together, let’s draw the future we want to see.

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