Demystifying Disability Read Along

Fall is my favorite season, and I’m feeling excited about cooler weather, holidays, new novels by my favorite authors, and our KIT Demystifying Disability Read-Along! I hope you plan to join us in reading Emily Ladau’s brand new and very approachable guide to all things disability. Our staff and BOD members are starting today, Tuesday, 10/12/21, and we’ll read & discuss one chapter each week, ending on 12/3/21.

We have posted our weekly discussion/reflection questions, fun challenges, and other resources to support your read along on our website and will be sharing on information on our KIT social media channels as well.

If you’d like to get your hands on a copy of the book to join our read along, you have many options!

  1. Purchase from the Amazon (use Amazon Smile and select KIT, and we get a few pennies of your purchase price)
  2. On and support independent bookstores
  3. If you prefer audio, purchase on Libro and you’ll get Emily reading the book, AND still support independent bookstores
  4. Or request a copy from your local library!

The fall is an excellent season to cozy up with a book – let’s do it together! First, let’s get ready to read!

My favorite part of any endeavor is the anticipation. I love to prepare. Since I am an avid reader, I’d like to share my tools and process for getting ready to read.

  1. First, I gather my tools. Those might be highlighters or page flags or my personal favorite, book darts. For my non-fiction reads, I like to have a journal and a pen nearby to take notes and record my thoughts and insights.
  2. Next, I make time to read. I do many buddy reads with bookish friends, and I find I have to schedule time for those books, or the week gets by me. I know that non-fiction reading works best for me in the morning when my brain is most active and my head the clearest. So, I will set aside one morning a week to read the chapter from Demystifying Disability while I drink my tea and eat breakfast.
  3. Then, I learn more about the author/topic. I like to know the behind-the-scenes of things, and I love to know more about the people who write the books I love. So, I will seek out interviews or author talks, read reviews, sign up for the author’s newsletter, and sometimes follow the author on social media. Here is where you can learn more about Emily. I highly recommend signing up for her newsletter! You can also follow Emily on social media:
  4. Finally, I read! Comfy chair, good lighting, a cup of earl grey tea, and I am in my happy place. My tools are nearby, and I’m ready to learn.

Emily is also doing many free public events about the book this fall. Here are two upcoming events this month: