Celebrating 20 Years of Pioneering Inclusion

7fd8469a-6ebc-4613-a6e0-9d94d72efbaaWhat. A. Week.

Last week we celebrated the Kids Included Together 20th-Anniversary every way we could think to do. We also had our KIT-FIT 5k on Sunday.

Last Tuesday we held our VIP (Very Important Perspectives) Day where we celebrated our history with forward-thinking presentations (look for the KIT 2018 Top 5 Trends in Disability Inclusion coming in January!) and a luncheon honoring our founders. We all had tons of favorite moments from the day, but one of mine was learning about college options for students with intellectual disabilities from Beth and Patrick Foraker. They brought a lot of new information about what is happening in disability inclusion in higher ed. To learn more check out the Think College website. I am excited about this trend, and I think we all should find ways to support more colleges and universities to create these opportunities. Beth suggested that one way to do this is to contact the school you went to, let them know Think College, and make a donation (even a small one) to show your support.

We also thanked our KIT staff for being amazing with a team outing. Here we are in Temecula, in North San Diego County. We rode home on that bus as the wildfires burned around us. A trip none of us will forget anytime soon.


0b4e977c-48b6-4cb8-a491-e27dcde8fff6This past Thursday Kat and I were guests on the San Diego Union-Tribune’s internet radio show, along with our friend Katie Lee from Boys & Girls Clubs of America. We were proud to be talking about our new national partnership with BGCA and how we plan to help 4300 Clubs around the country meet the needs of kids of all abilities. We’ll share the link to the show when it is available.

I’ll close by saying thank you to everyone who played a role in this incredible week. We all feel excited about what’s ahead, and we are so grateful to have you along on the journey.