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Image Source: National Association of Councils on Developmental Disabilities (NACCD), Artwork in poster by Jamila Ramihi featured in Art Enables

Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month 2023: Supporting Kids With Developmental Disabilities

For Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month 2023, we are exploring key considerations for children and youth professionals and emphasizing the importance of disability inclusion and behavior support training to inspire meaningful action. March is Developmental Disabilities Awareness month. This month-long event presents an opportunity to come together for children and youth with developmental disabilities and to…
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A teacher working on sign language with a student.

Dispelling 11 Common Myths About Kids with Disabilities

Are you wondering how program staff, parents, families, and caregivers can combat the exclusion of children with disabilities? The answer is simple: through awareness, education, and facts. It’s essential to dispel the most common myths about children with disabilities with accurate, research-backed information. That’s why we’re providing you with exclusive resources to help you enhance…
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A group of five diverse, young staff members in a group smiling for the camera.

Inclusion Training: Why Is It Critical?

Training in disability inclusion and behavior support is essential for all professionals directly working with children of all abilities. Learn how developing inclusive programs significantly impacts the support you can provide to children and their families, and how taking part in inclusion training is the first step towards creating a meaningfully inclusive environment for children…
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A photo of Harriet Tubman, Legendary Poet and Icon for Civil Rights, standing with her hands folded together.

Black History Month: 8 Influential Black Americans with Disabilities

Black History Month 2023: Shining a Light on 8 Influential Black Americans with Disabilities Let’s come together to celebrate Black History Month. This year, we’re covering eight influential Black Americans who are making a difference in the lives of people with disabilities. From heroes of the past to trailblazers of the present, get to know…
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Five young children sitting and smiling at the camera.

The Philosophy, Practice, and Community Of Inclusion

The Philosophy, Practice, and Community Of Inclusion Together we can make inclusion a reality! It’s time for our communities to rethink the way we meaningfully include and support children with disabilities. Let’s take a step back and explore the meaning of inclusion, its core principles, and how we can put inclusion into practice to benefit…
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A graphic celebrating International Day of Acceptance

Embracing Diversity & Disability Inclusion: Celebrating the International Day of Acceptance 2023

KIT celebrates the International Day of Acceptance (IDOA) 2023! In this blog post, we explore how we can work together to raise awareness of acceptance and disability inclusion, and how we can use Annie Hopkins’ 3E Love Credo to continue doing the important work of building a future where all kids are included. Every year…
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The side of a decorated christmas tree in focus and friends gathering behind the tree, slightly out of focus

6 Tips For An Inclusive Holiday Get-Together

This holiday season, disability shouldn’t stop anyone from having a great time with friends and family. Here are six simple things you can do to make your gathering fun, accessible, and inclusive for people of all abilities. It’s that time of year for holiday parties! Time to celebrate the year that was and look forward…
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Inclusive Schools Week Graphic

Inclusive Schools Week™ 2022: The Benefits of Inclusive Classrooms

Inclusive Schools Week™ is here! Learn how KIT can help teachers create inclusive classrooms where children with and without disabilities thrive and learn together. Along with the festive season, another annual event that KIT looks forward to each December is Inclusive Schools Week™!  Inclusive Schools Week™ (ISW) is an internationally-recognized annual event created by Education…
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Young girl and adult playing a game on a tablet.

The Most Common Learning Disabilities: Part 2

Why Is It Important To Understand Learning Disabilities? We’ve covered learning disabilities that span reading, writing, and math. Yet, our exploration of learning disabilities is incomplete without touching on several of the other most common conditions and how they impact the youth who have them. How Learning Disabilities Affect Learning  In part 1 of this…
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Thoughtful little girl with book near a school board

American Education Week 2022: 6 Ideas for Making Schools Inclusive For All Students

With 2022 coming to a close, American Education Week invites us to take a closer look at our nation’s public schools. It’s an exciting week to celebrate public education and show our appreciation for those who make a difference in students’ lives every day. And this year, the week is centered around a theme that…
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Dr. Mary McAllister Shea in a white top

Dr. Mary McAllister Shea; A Visionary and Guiding Light

A Tribute to Mary Shea from KIT CEO, Torrie Dunlap On July 26th, 2022, we lost the brightest star in the KIT galaxy. Twenty-five years ago, with a small group of philanthropists and parents, Dr. Mary McAllister Shea envisioned what Kids Included Together could be, worked to make it so, and ignited a passion for…
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