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Sara Couron sitting an outdoor table eating food on a sunny day.

Happy Retirement Sara Couron!

Happy Retirement Wishes! September is a month full of transitions. From vacations to back-to-school, from longer to shorter days, and from iced lattes to the pumpkin spiced ones. This year, September also marks the retirement of our longest-tenured Inclusionista, Sara Couron. As our Chief Program Officer, Sara ensured our work was high-quality, efficient, and effective. Sara’s…
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A blue background with a row of books lining the bottom of the graphic. An illustration of two children reading is centered above. In between, blue text reads, "2023 KIT Summer Reading List for young readers, Embracing Inclusion through Diverse Characters and Unforgettable Stories."

Explore the KIT 2023 Summer Book List For Young Readers

Embracing Inclusion Through Diverse Characters & Unforgettable Stories Delve into a world of imagination and disability inclusion with our 2023 summer reading list. Discover stories and tales that ignite young minds, helping to develop empathy, understanding, and respect for the rich kaleidoscope of human diversity. Summer is the perfect time for all children to go…
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A black background with rainbow colored paper cutouts of diverse people.

Exploring Intersectionality: Understanding the Overlapping Identities of the LGBTQIA+ Community and Individuals with Disabilities

The LGBTQIA+ community and individuals with disabilities share similar challenges of discrimination, exclusion, and stigma. Let’s explore their shared experiences, the barriers they are faced with, and highlight the importance of disability inclusion in this historic month. In the spirit of Pride Month, Kids Included Together (KIT) is delving into the profound connection between the…
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A young boy with Down syndrome playing outside with a small colorful toy.

Top Tips for Creating Inclusive and Supportive Programs

Learn how to build inclusive and supportive programs that empower all children to thrive. From understanding the importance of disability inclusion to addressing challenges and leveraging helpful resources, find tips here to help you establish an environment that celebrates diversity and fosters growth. Programs that promote, cultivate, and exemplify disability inclusion and behavior support have…
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A group of summer camp kids and staff wearing green shirts huddle together while smiling.

Ready, Set, Summer: A Must-Have Inclusion Resource for the Future of Summer Camps 

It’s summer camp season! Read on to learn about “Ready, Set, Summer!” and how this comprehensive, on-demand staff training program can provide camp leaders, counselors, and volunteers with the inclusion training they need to help include kids with disabilities or challenging behaviors this summer.   Summer camps are a quintessential part of childhood, with their…
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4 Ways to Build Inclusive Sports and Recreation Programs for Children with Disabilities

Learn how to create programs that prioritize inclusion, celebrate diversity, and promote the well-being of all participants. The importance for all children to be able to fully participate in sports and recreational activities cannot be overstated. Aside from promoting physical and emotional well-being, these experiences teach children essential life skills such as learning how to…
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Four young children play independently in a school setting.

How To Create A Safe Space For Kids With Autism In Your Program

Does your program serve kids with autism? As leaders in disability inclusion and behavior support training, we’ve developed strategies to create safe spaces for children and youth with ASD. Our approach fosters environments where they can flourish, be themselves, and avoid “masking,” – the act of hiding their true selves in order to fit in,…
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Image Source: National Association of Councils on Developmental Disabilities (NACCD), Artwork in poster by Jamila Ramihi featured in Art Enables

Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month 2023: Supporting Kids With Developmental Disabilities

For Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month 2023, we are exploring key considerations for children and youth professionals and emphasizing the importance of disability inclusion and behavior support training to inspire meaningful action. March is Developmental Disabilities Awareness month. This month-long event presents an opportunity to come together for children and youth with developmental disabilities and to…
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A teacher working on sign language with a student.

Dispelling 11 Common Myths About Kids with Disabilities

Are you wondering how program staff, parents, families, and caregivers can combat the exclusion of children with disabilities? The answer is simple: through awareness, education, and facts. It’s essential to dispel the most common myths about children with disabilities with accurate, research-backed information. That’s why we’re providing you with exclusive resources to help you enhance…
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A group of five diverse, young staff members in a group smiling for the camera.

Inclusion Training: Why Is It Critical?

Training in disability inclusion and behavior support is essential for all professionals directly working with children of all abilities. Learn how developing inclusive programs significantly impacts the support you can provide to children and their families, and how taking part in inclusion training is the first step towards creating a meaningfully inclusive environment for children…
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A photo of Harriet Tubman, Legendary Poet and Icon for Civil Rights, standing with her hands folded together.

Black History Month: 8 Influential Black Americans with Disabilities

Black History Month 2023: Shining a Light on 8 Influential Black Americans with Disabilities Let’s come together to celebrate Black History Month. This year, we’re covering eight influential Black Americans who are making a difference in the lives of people with disabilities. From heroes of the past to trailblazers of the present, get to know…
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