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Hitting Inclusion Out of the Park with the Beautiful Lives Project & Triple Crown Sports

Attend the Field of Dreams event on July 11th in Santee, California Sports are ingrained in our culture. From watching them on TV in the evenings, playing them on the weekends, discussing the highlights at the water cooler, and wearing jerseys to represent our favorite teams, we’re surrounded by sports all the time.  The thrill…
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Millstone Creek Park

Inclusion In Playgrounds: Why Is It Important?

Learn how an inclusive and accessible playground is beneficial for all children and their parents. All kids want to play.  As every educator and child advocate knows, play is so essential in childhood that the United Nations High Commission for Human Rights declares it as every child’s right. But the unfortunate reality is that not…
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Two young girls at a school desk.

Reflecting on Freedom for All in the Disability Community

Addressing Issues Facing BIPOC with Disabilities  When we say “freedom,” what comes to mind?  Is it flags waving in the summer heat as fireworks illuminate the sky above with red, white, and blue starbursts? It’s an iconic image! For so long, we celebrated July 4th as the only Independence Day for the USA, a time…
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A teenage boy and girl laughing together with bushes behind them

How to Foster Friendships Between Kids With and Without Disabilities

Fostering Friendships Just in Time for National Best Friends Day – June 8th From joyous, judgment-free days spent together to constructive opinions from our closest confidants, we know that friendship is a valuable asset to our happiness as humans. It does a lot of good for our well-being and quality of life: It opens our…
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Teen boy with Down Syndrome dressed in Prom Attire

Your Step-by-Step Checklist for Planning an Inclusive Prom

The approaching close of a school year means graduation plans and summer just around the corner… But before those can happen, prom season is slated to make an appearance yet again! It’s an opportunity to dress to express, make memories, take awkward photos, and revel in being a high school student. For kids with disabilities,…
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Sophie Jaewon Kim in Netflix Original Series The Healing Powers of Dude sitting in wheelchair beside co stars.

Accurate Disability Representation In Mass Media: 8 Powerful Film and Television Performances By Actors With Disabilities

It’s unavoidable. Whether you’re watching the evening news, a Saturday morning cartoon, scrolling through your social feeds, or capping off a long day with your favorite reality show, mass media in all shapes and forms, is always around us.  Film and television especially, cast a wider, more influential net. They transport you to another world.…
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Canoeing girl with Down syndrome.

Summer Camp Means Fun for All: How to Create a More Inclusive Camp

The sun is high and school is out. The most fun season of the year is finally here! And you know what that means: it’s camp season, too. As you begin planning the programming and activities that will make your summer camp successful, we invite you to consider disability inclusion as a top priority. Defining…
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A young girl with blonde hair sitting by a window and looking sad.

Children’s Mental Health Awareness | How to Help

Respecting National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week – May 1st – May 7th Helping kids embrace the fun of childhood is at the heart of what we do, but we know that’s easier said than done. May is National Mental Health Awareness Month, and on May 7th, we focus on how mental health impacts kids…
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Heather Wojciuch, KIT's Inclusion Support Center Manager.

Month of the Military Child: Heather Wojciuch, Inclusion Support Center Manager

April is the Month of the Military Child and as April comes to an end, we want to share another personal spotlight on Heather Wojciuch, KIT’s Inclusion Support Center Manager. Heather was driven to be an inclusion champion by her 15+ years of experience working in military child and youth programs and her desire to…
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Ready, Set, Summer! Kids Included Together

Summer Camp Inclusivity Training for Directors & Staff | KIT

Ready, Set, Summer is Here! The summer camp staff training program that takes less than 3 hours to enable memories that last a lifetime. Have you heard about Ready, Set, Summer yet? It’s our on-demand webinar series featuring facilitator guides and action plans created especially for camp leaders looking to advance their inclusivity this summer. …
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Greg Johnson, KIT's Professional Development Lead, Education & Training Specialist

Month of the Military Child: Greg Johnson, Professional Development Lead, Education & Training Specialist

April is the Month of the Military Child and we want to recognize the resilience of the children and youth of our service members. We’re proud to offer support to our military children’s educators to help create and sustain inclusive practices for all. We would also like to share a personal KIT Spotlight on Greg…
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