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Inclusive Schools Week™ 2022: The Benefits of Inclusive Classrooms

Inclusive Schools Week™ is here! Learn how KIT can help teachers create inclusive classrooms where children with and without disabilities thrive and learn together. Along with the festive season, another annual event that KIT looks forward to each December is Inclusive Schools Week™!  Inclusive Schools Week™ (ISW) is an internationally-recognized annual event created by Education…
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Young girl and adult playing a game on a tablet.

The Most Common Learning Disabilities: Part 2

Why Is It Important To Understand Learning Disabilities? We’ve covered learning disabilities that span reading, writing, and math. Yet, our exploration of learning disabilities is incomplete without touching on several of the other most common conditions and how they impact the youth who have them. How Learning Disabilities Affect Learning  In part 1 of this…
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Thoughtful little girl with book near a school board

American Education Week 2022: 6 Ideas for Making Schools Inclusive For All Students

With 2022 coming to a close, American Education Week invites us to take a closer look at our nation’s public schools. It’s an exciting week to celebrate public education and show our appreciation for those who make a difference in students’ lives every day. And this year, the week is centered around a theme that…
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Dr. Mary McAllister Shea in a white top

Dr. Mary McAllister Shea; A Visionary and Guiding Light

A Tribute to Mary Shea from KIT CEO, Torrie Dunlap On July 26th, 2022, we lost the brightest star in the KIT galaxy. Twenty-five years ago, with a small group of philanthropists and parents, Dr. Mary McAllister Shea envisioned what Kids Included Together could be, worked to make it so, and ignited a passion for…
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A school aged child rests his head on his hand with his elbow on the table as he reads a school book

The Most Common Learning Disabilities: Part 1; How to Identify Them & How to Help

We work hard to make learning an enjoyable experience, but for some students, it’s inherently complicated. Whether creating an inclusive classroom setting, leading a summer camp, or running an after school program, it’s imperative that you recognize and respect the needs of children with learning disabilities who may be in your care.  What Learning Disability…
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A young girl sits on the floor up against an elementary schoolyard with her hands folded over her legs and her head down. Two boys stand in front of her pointing and laughing.

Who is Most at Risk of Being Bullied – And What Can We Do About It?

October is Don’t Be a Bully Month The month of October is full of haunts and horror movies, but there’s something truly scary that we stand up against all October: bullying.  Defining Bullying Though your dictionary may simply define bullying as seeking to do harm or intimidate a vulnerable subject, there’s far more to the…
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A child's hands using an assortment of arts and crafts ranging from colorful construction paper to colored pencils and more

A Better Way to Back to School Part 3: 5 Inclusion Ideas for Rainy Day Recess 

The air is getting crisper, leaves are beginning to change. We’re deep into the back-to-school swing now as September ebbs into October. Routines are taking shape! We’ve already discussed how to create an inclusive classroom to start the year off strong and ways to enhance your after-school programs with inclusive activities. But what about the…
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Young girl with down syndrome showing her multi colored painted hands.

Why It Matters: Diversity & Disability Inclusion In Arts

How to create a more inclusive art community. The arts belong to everyone – including people with disabilities. So, whether you’re an accessibility practitioner, theater or art student, or just part of a school or community theater looking to be more inclusive of those with disabilities, this blog will introduce you to the topic of…
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A child with down syndrome plays a guitar while the students in his class watch in the background

A Better Way to Back to School Part 2: How to Make Activities Inclusive

Activities add interest and liveliness to the academic day, and they can do the same for your after school program. When you’ve already worked to create an inclusive classroom, the next step is setting up your after school program to continue the inclusion.  As you kick off this new academic year, here’s how to put…
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A woman who is blind walks with her dog across a street

Women’s Equality Day: Experiencing the World as Women with Disabilities

We talk about equality and inclusion a lot – at the intersection of race, mental health, and more. As Women’s Equality Day approaches, we specifically want to give voice to the experiences of women with disabilities and the way they see the world, how the world sees them, and what we can do to achieve…
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A teacher looking at a book with a student

A Better Way to Back to School Part 1: 5 Ways to Create an Inclusive Classroom

As we return to the classroom, we always want to believe that this year will be better than the last – and maybe the best  ever! Our students are coming back to class thinking the same thing, that this will be their year.  Those ambitions align under the umbrella of inclusion.  When we build inclusive…
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