Hitting Inclusion Out of the Park with the Beautiful Lives Project & Triple Crown Sports

Attend the Field of Dreams event on July 11th in Santee, California

Sports are ingrained in our culture. From watching them on TV in the evenings, playing them on the weekends, discussing the highlights at the water cooler, and wearing jerseys to represent our favorite teams, we’re surrounded by sports all the time. 

The thrill of athletics can be less tangible for many kids with disabilities, though. Inclusive leagues can be tough to find, and picking up a new sport takes time, practice, and patience. 

That’s why the Beautiful Lives Project is teaming up with Triple Crown Sports to bring AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) Softball to kids with disabilities! Here’s how to join them:

The 2022 Field of Dreams Triple Crown Softball Event

Two all-stars in disability inclusion have come together to host a Field of Dreams softball event, dedicated to helping kids with disabilities enjoy some time on the field. 

On Monday, July 11th, individuals with disabilities are invited to join AAU Softball players from across the country to learn softball fundamentals and run through training drills. The event will be hosted at USA Sportsplex in Santee, California just before the first pitch is thrown for this year’s Triple Crown World Series Tournament. 

And don’t worry: you don’t need to be a pro to show up for the Field of Dreams event! It’s all about putting good sportsmanship in action. Triple Crown and the Beautiful Lives Project assure potential participants that all they need to bring to the field is a desire to have fun and make new friends. 

“The Beautiful Lives Project and Triple Crown Sports strive to promote an inclusive environment, where people of all abilities can experience sports first-hand, work as a team, and build relationships.”

No prior experience is required to participate in the Field of Dreams Triple Crown softball event. All are welcome, but space is limited, so we encourage anyone interested in attending to sign up fast! This is sure to be a day of summer fun you don’t want to miss.


Event Details

Date:  Monday, July 11, 2022
Time:  1:00 PM – 3:30 PM PDT
Check-In:  Check-in at 1:00 PM PDT to receive your field assignment
Location: Town Center Ball Field

USA Sportsplex

9951 Riverwalk Drive

Santee, CA 92071

Registration:  https://www.beautifullives.org/blpwaiver-bw 
More Details:  https://www.beautifullives.org/events/triplecrownsoftball-ca 
Contact Info:  If you have any questions, feel free to contact bryce@beautifullives.org


How to Get Involved

Ready to learn some softball basics and bond with other sporty folks in the disability community? Then don’t hesitate. Reserve your spot at the Field of Dreams Triple Crown softball event now! 

All you have to do is fill out a short form and sign a brief waiver, then you’re all ready to go. Both the registration form and waiver are available online for your convenience, so you’re only a few clicks away from an afternoon of fun.


For Those Who Can’t Make It on July 11th

Can’t attend Field of Dreams in Santee but still want to support the event? The Beautiful Lives Project makes it easy to donate to their cause. With your contributions, they can continue to host future events like Field of Dreams. They provide the opportunity for people with disabilities to join events and activities that may be inaccessible otherwise.


What is the Beautiful Lives Project?

We love the Beautiful Lives Project (BLP) because, like us, they believe inclusion is a team sport. Founded on the principle that the joys of life ought to be inclusive for all, BLP enhances the lives of people with disabilities through immersive events catered to athletics, arts, nature, and wellness. 

'Beautiful Lives Project' in black text on a white background. A green hand with a pattern appears above the text.

Their History

The Beautiful Lives Project was founded in part by Bryce Weiler. Born with Retinopathy of Prematurity, Bryce was blind from birth. He was also an avid sports commentary fan, which deeply influenced his trajectory as a disability advocate. From listening to game coverage on the radio to sitting on the bench with his college’s basketball team throughout his Sports Management studies, Bryce had a passion for sports and knew firsthand how impactful they could be for people with disabilities.

“Those are the exact opportunities that I want to give people with disabilities — to live whatever it is their dream is in life.” – Bryce Weiler, Beautiful Lives Project Co-Founder

Fueled by his desire to replicate his experiences for other people in the disability community, Bryce contributed to the creation of the Beautiful Lives Project in 2017. 


Founding Field of Dreams

The origin story of the Beautiful Lives Project actually has its roots in the Field of Dreams event – and two philanthropic dreams coming together. 

Beautiful Lives Project co-founder Anthony Iacovone was an established entrepreneur and owner of the New Britain Bees Independent League baseball team. Anthony wanted to expand his contributions to the community. He was looking for a way to help those who needed counseling and rehabilitation, and could not afford it.

One day, Anthony was approached by the head of an organization called Field of Dreams, an organization bringing sports experiences to people with disabilities. They wanted to get involved with the baseball team Anthony owned. 

The person reaching out? Bryce Weiler. 

Field of Dreams was the first iteration of the Beautiful Lives Project, a confluence of Bryce and Anthony’s charitable ambitions. They brought their two ideas together, and the rest is history.


Their Impact

Since Bryce and Anthony came together in 2017, the Beautiful Lives Project has continued to host Field of Dreams events like the one planned for July 11th in Santee, as well as other sports experiences throughout the country.

Dance events, basketball games, special practices with college football teams, and more make up their extensive schedule of opportunities. With every immersive experience they host, the Beautiful Lives Project dismantles barriers, empowers people, and proves what’s “possABLE.”

“We know there is an amazing feeling that comes with helping people realize a goal. We believe that when we stop focusing on disabilities and abilities, we start to see what we’re ABLE to achieve and what we’re ABLE to offer someone else. We are all ABLE to power what’s possABLE today and we are all capABLE of improving the quality of life for future generations.” – The Beautiful Lives Project


Don’t Miss This Inclusive Event!

Space is limited at the Field of Dreams Triple Crown softball event in Santee. Register now to reserve your spot on the field!