Awesome Young People

Happy Friday!

This week my passion was fueled by young people! A couple of experiences this week reminded me that the hope for a more inclusive world rests in our children and youth. This is the reason why KIT focuses on kids- because kids who grow up in inclusive settings will become inclusive adults.

I received word this week that a wonderful 8th grader in Sacramento used her school service project to both fundraise for and spread the word about KIT. Annie was tasked with finding an organization that aligned with her Catholic school’s values, and she chose KIT. She set a fundraising goal of $250 and overachieved by raising $600!

I also spent some time Wednesday evening with a group of students at the University of San Diego. They interviewed me about KIT as part of an oral history project for their business ethics course. As I talked about our vision, what we do, and how we do it, their eyes were shining. They were so into it. It reminded me how different the next generations are and how they are already viewing the world in a more unified, connected way.

Around KIT-land this week we’ve been delivering a lot of disability inclusion training via webinar to some pretty large crowds. There were four webinars just this week! Phillip gave a great training on “De-escalating Aggressive Behaviors” to a very appreciative bunch of learners from all four Military branches, and Viviana presented to a group of over 100 troop leaders for Girl Scouts of Chicago and Northwest Indiana.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!