Sara N. Couron, MPA

"Inclusion means being on the inside - a member from the beginning."

Sara oversees the dynamic program team, responsible for teaching inclusive practices worldwide. From detail to strategy, she is responsible for maximizing staff resources and monitoring quality in the delivery of KIT's training and technical support. She has been with KIT since 2000 and served on the operations side during the organization's growth from a staff of four to a staff of 25. Prior, Sara worked at the California State Council, Area 13, working alongside individuals with developmental disabilities and their families for improved services. Sara holds an MPA from San Diego State University and a Bachelor's from DePauw University. She is proud to call Iowa her home state and spends a fair amount of time clarifying to others that Iowa, Idaho, and Ohio are not the same place.

KIT Inclusionista since 2000

Sara Couron wearing an orange collared shirt.