Mary Shea, EdD

"Inclusion is about recognizing a social injustice and doing everything in our power to right it. It means teaching respect for human differences while honoring the dignity of every individual and creating opportunities for access and authentic opportunities in all of our communities."

Having served in nearly every capacity at KIT since 1999, Mary lends her expertise to research, evaluation and systems change work. She brings over 40 years of experience to ensure that all children have opportunities to be included and supported in their neighborhoods and community programs. Mary has a BS in Occupational Therapy, a Master’s Degree in Maternal and Child Health, and a Doctorate in Education Sciences and Leadership Studies from the University of San Diego.

Mary regularly represents KIT at regional and national conferences and has been a keynote speaker at several conferences. She has also published or co–published articles in several school age publications (including School Age Notes & Afterschool Matters) as well as in early childhood special education, and recreation journals. She received the Flame of Inspiration Award from the National Afterschool Association.

Mary Shea wearing a purple cardigan.