Kelly Miller, MA

"Inclusion, to me, is a community where all individuals are embraced, celebrated and respected for who they are."

Kelly came to KIT in October 2022. As an Inclusion Support Specialist, she provides tools and recommendations to help ensure that all youth are receiving the necessary supports and accommodations to be successful. Being in this role at KIT provides Kelly the opportunity to advocate for all children, help create more inclusive environments and make a real difference in the lives of children and their families.

Before her time at KIT, Kelly received her Master of Arts in School Counseling, worked in the public school system as a Special Education Facilitator and worked in the Navy School Age Care Program as a Program Assistant. Those positions allowed her to work with a variety of populations in numerous settings where she’s consistently upheld her passions of supporting all youth on their journey towards independent success. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, playing softball, reading, and taking her Chocolate Lab, Bruce on walks!

KIT Inclusionista since 2022

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Kelly Miller wearing an orange long sleeved blouse.