Julie Halick, DCD, PMP

"Inclusion... belonging in a global society with equal access to education and resources."

Bringing 25+ years of experience to KIT.  She has worked in corporate Change Management & Training for telecom, software, and healthcare companies; K-12 Education in Special Education; and Higher Education as a designer, developer, PM, Technology Specialist, and professor at schools such as Johns Hopkins University where she taught Instructional Systems Design.

Julie is also an author, entrepreneur, and avid volunteer in her county. She was recently appointed by the Superintendent of Schools to the Joint Commision on the Opportunity Gap which focuses on Kindergarten Readiness. Her passion for travel, with visits to over 16 countries, and studies at: Regents College in England, University of Madrid in Spain, and Utrecht University in Holland; provides a global perspective for her goal of learner inclusion, empowerment through knowledge, and accessible education for all.

She earned a Doctorate in Communications Design.  She also holds a Masters of Higher Education Leadership and Administration, a Masters of Science in Applied Technology, Training, and Development, and a Bachelor of Science in Education.  Certified PMP and K-12 Advanced Professional Certified Teacher.

KIT Inclusionista since 2021

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Julie Halick wearing a mustard top and black blazer.