Heather Wojciuch, MA

"Inclusion is building a community where everyone can learn and grow."

Heather was driven to be an inclusion champion by her 15+ years of experience working in military child and youth programs and her desire to find ways to include children with challenging behaviors and disabilities in those environments. Yearning for some career-broadening, KIT become the right fit in 2017. Heather now serves as KIT’s Inclusion Support Center Manager and leads a team of specialists who coach and teach individuals who work in daycares, afterschool programs, and recreational activities.

While working in the military childcare setting, Heather found a passion for staff development and family education. She began to focus on leading programs and families in partnership to support the success of all children and youth. She also has an eagerness for helping people build their resilience skills. Heather is committed to building a community of support for children and youth of varying interests and abilities. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood and Elementary Education and a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology.


KIT Inclusionista since 2017

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Heather Wojciuch wearing a red, black and cream patterned blouse.