Brett Stevens, MEd, JD

"Inclusion provides a model of an ideal world, where we all work, play, and live together as one."

Brett came to Kids Included Together in February of 2022 as an Evaluation Specialist, where she ensures KIT’s programs and services reflect current research, supports data collection and analyzation, and reviews policy writing. Since 2003, Brett has worked within the special education field. Brett has her M.Ed. and J.D degrees and previously held positions as a Special Education Teacher, Administrator, and Special Education Attorney.

Brett joined KIT with a goal of guiding children, families, and providers to work together in success. In her free time, she enjoys watching a myriad of youth sports games, catching up on the latest TV series and movies, and tending to her dairy goats on her small farm with her four children.

KIT Inclusionista since 2022

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Brett Stevens wearing a black headband and black blazer.