Alexis Alexander-Reinhart

"Inclusion is making learning and education accessible to all children by understanding that a limitation doesn’t mean someone is incapable."

Alexis joined the KIT team in October 2022 as a Copy Editor for the Inclusion Support Center and Site Visit Reports. She holds a BS in Psychology. Prior to joining KIT, Alexis worked as an early childhood substitute teacher, a Head Start Paraprofessional and a Resource Coordinator for a nonprofit organization that provided temporary housing for homeless adults with a mental health diagnosis. The bulk of her experience has been working with and assisting teachers with Exceptional Student Education (ESE) children.

Alexis’ role at KIT has given her new insights on the complexities behind child behavior when she was previously only aware of classroom challenges from a teacher and aid perspective. She loves doing her part in creating reports that help streamline inclusion practices from a parent, provider, and organization point of view. She believes that learning shouldn’t be a one size fits all situation and that putting in time, effort, money, and consideration to create a pathway for individual learning is key.

Outside of work, Alexis enjoys karaoke, game nights, going to the movies, brunch and dining out with her husband.

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Alexis Alexander-Reinhart, Copy Editor for KIT.