Copy of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility

KIT Staff Inclusion and Diversity - 2023 Report

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At Kids Included Together, we recognize effective inclusion work must take place across and within a broad spectrum of identities and social categories – disability, cultural background, ethnicity, gender identity, gender expression, race, religion, sexual orientation and others. We strive to use an intersectional framework in our mission of teaching inclusive practices, acknowledging that disability and other identities intersect, and that many people experience multiple forms of oppression and struggle.



Kids Included Together stands firmly in solidarity with the Black community in the fight for racial equity and justice. We recognize the ongoing and historical injustices against the Black community in every aspect of life – criminal justice, housing, and employment, and in child development and education, where KIT is working to affect positive change. We know that working to stop racism in all its forms is crucial to realizing our vision that every child can achieve their full potential. We commit to fighting injustice with our words and actions.

As an organization that builds cultures of inclusion for youth with disabilities from all backgrounds, we recognize we cannot effectively work toward full inclusion without acknowledging the racism that many face each day. At Kids Included Together we are learners first and teachers second. Our work must be done with a look inward as we seek to affect change outward. We commit to these initial steps, which will lead us to further exploration and action as we learn together.


The Diversity Task Force (DTF) was formed in December 2020. The DTF sets annual goals and meets quarterly to assess progress. (@Greg Johnson does this get at what you wanted?)

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KIT partnered with an external DEI consulting agency in 2021 (not sure of exact dates) to assess our policies and practices. A plan of action was developed in 2022 to address gaps.

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In 2022 (I think), KIT added demographic questions to learner profiles in KIT Academy to gather data about learners with the goal of ensuring our online training has equitable outcomes.

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Every KIT staff has participated in the 21 Day Racial Equity Habit Building Challenge (link to syllabus). KIT is committed to adapting The Challenge so it becomes required onboarding for new staff.

Cohort 1 – 2021

Cohort 2 – 2023


Update 1/22 - KIT's Diversity Task Force continued to meet regularly and selected LTHJ Global to guide KIT's DEI work. Training was conducted with KIT's leadership team and a DEI Design Report was created. This report will guide KIT's on-going DEI work through working groups in the areas of data, professional development and restorative justice. KIT also focused on recruitment and hiring and established a practice that final round interviews for KIT positions will have a minimum of 50% diverse candidates. (Diverse from current staffing majority.)

Update 1/23 - Our KIT Diversity Task Force (DTF) meets quarterly to implement the DEI Design Report through the working groups. The Data working group had an initial task of examining outcomes within the education and training programs provided to better understand the impact of KIT on different racial and ethnic groups. Data was collected and analyzed on the completion and confidence rates of training participants by race or ethnicity. A key finding shows that KIT's successful completion rates for courses are relatively similar across racial and ethnic groups, with only a few percentage points separating the highest and lowest groups. See full report here Equitable Outcomes Report 2022 (pdf).


The Professional Development working group has established quarterly DEI training for 2023. (When Restorative Justice has set up the anonymous feedback portal we could report that here but since it isn't done it seems like we wait to report it. ) The DTF also launched an refreshed 21-Day Challenge for KIT's new hires. (link here)




  • Publicizing data about race and other demographic information of our staff and board on our website.
  • Holding ourselves responsible to diversify our board and staff in race, gender, age and other categories.
  • Creating and updating our training curriculum to address racism and bias.
  • Ensuring that the resources we share with clients and families reflect our commitment to anti-racism.
  • Placing equity at the center of our strategic planning processes, including a re-examination of our mission with a lens of intersectionality.
  • Sharing regular, publicly available updates on KIT’s progress on these action steps and this journey to hold ourselves accountable.

Kids Included Together was founded in 1997 with a mission to teach disability inclusive practices to people and organizations that serve children. We have pursued this mission for 23 years and engaged over 100,000 child & youth professionals on the topic of creating more inclusive environments.