Celebrating 25 Years

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25th Anniversary: 1997 to 2022

Since 1997, KIT has supported programs as they create inclusive environments where every child can thrive. We’ve provided disability inclusion and behavior support training for over 100,000 teachers and youth leaders in more than 600 organizations. KIT training has reached all 50 states and 15 countries so far. Our work creates a “want to, can do, will do” attitude in staff. We give them the tools and support to ensure that every child who enrolls will be meaningfully included. 

Kids with disabilities have faced even more challenges over the past few years and will need teachers and providers who are prepared and able to help. KIT can help your staff feel confident and capable of embracing this new challenge. We offer training and professional development programs in a variety of flexible virtual formats.

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With KIT by your side, kids with disabilities will have the same chance as everyone else to discover their passion, reach their dreams, and enhance the lives of others around them. Learn more about our services today!