A Parent’s Experience

Friday Greetings!

As you all well know, when you are working on significant social change, cutting through the noise is very difficult. And the world is very, very noisy these days. We wonder, “How will we get people to pay attention? How will we bring more and more people around to understanding disability as a natural part of the human experience?” It is a daunting task. Then, out of the blue, something like this happens…

This week our very own KIT board member & founder of the National Catholic Board on Full Inclusion, Beth Foraker, had her blog post picked up by Good Morning, America and posted on the ABC News website! 

What a wonderful way for the general population to have access to a significant element of a parent’s experience. Beth, who always writes from the heart, shares her personal experience often on her blog Grace in the Ordinary. I encourage you to check it out. Now, with exposure on a major media website, exponentially more people will learn from Beth’s meaningful words. What a win for inclusion! Thank you, Beth!

In other KIT news, our trainers are everywhere! Here are Nili and our newest KIT trainer Brooke (right and second from right, respectively) with the school-age program team at Naval Air Station Whidbey Island this week.

Lots more to come, so stay tuned! See you next Friday!